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Design and Layout

We will build up to 5 web pages for your website...

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You may have as many pages in your website as you need we will be happy to quote on pages in excess of 5.

Option 1:

If you already have a website and want to upgrade we will cut and paste the information from your old pages to the new design of your choice...
                  NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Option 2:

If you do not currently have a website we will build up to 5 pages using the layout of your choice...
                  NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

There are many things to consider to have the best Website possible. A Website will provide many time and money saving functions.

For example:

  • An online contact form that is submitted to more than one employee, serving not only as a backup to insure no contacts are over looked, but also to provide a quicker response time.
  • An online order form for the customer's convenience as well as yours.
  • An online flyer, brochure, and/or product and service handout. Don't waste money on printing only to throw the thing away because of an unexpected change in price, shipping cost, availability or whatever!
  • Use one of your pages for coupons and special limited offers.

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