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Search Engine Placement Service

Why would you want to have your web page optimized?

When someone wants to buy something they may not know where to go or maybe they want to compare. They will go to the Internet and open their favorite search engine, there are hundreds of search engines from which to choose. Google, MSN, Lycos, Yahoo, Overture, to list a few. Then they will type in a phrase... for example lets say that you would like to spend a weekend in the mountains of Georgia, you may type into the search box "Mountain Cabin Rental Georgia" or maybe you'd type "Georgia Mountain Cabins"... you would then get a list of hundreds or even thousands of pages that are listed with that search engine.

Right here is why you want to have your web page to be optimized. It has been proven that when a search is done using a search engine the person requesting the search will not look past the third page of the search results. After scanning the first couple of pages and not finding anything of interest a new search will be done. So the object is to be on the first or second page so as to capture the searchers attention.

I will optimize your web page based on the search phrase you feel would be the most likely to be used by a potential customer looking to purchase the product or service you offer.

Just fill out the "No Charge" form below and I will analyze your web page to best determine what will be required to put "Your Business" at the top of your search results.

Just fill in the blanks and click on "Submit"


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