Power Wash Equipment


Power Wash Equipment for Industrial, Commercial Building Cleaning and Truck Pressure Washing, and Remote Controlled Chemical Selection Mobile Wash Systems, supplies, chemicals, soaps, detergents and cleaning compounds to Wash Truck Fleets, Wash Exterior Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, and Washing Exterior Homes. Offering only the best power wash equipment, supplies, soaps, chemicals, and cleaners since 1976.

Power Wash Equipment, Remote Controlled Mobile Washing Equipment, Truck Washing Equipment, House Washing Equipment, and Building Cleaning Equipment has improved drastically over the years. Truck Wash Soap, Truck Wash Chemicals, Building Cleaning Soap, Exterior House & Home Washing Soap & Chemicals are very important in the Truck Washing and Building Cleaning process.

We all know that time is money, and we also know that doing a good job and providing superior service is the way to stay in the Mobile Wash business. Stationary truck wash service is a gold mine if you provide speed, service and quality to your Truck Wash customers. Our power wash equipment will allow you to do just that... Our Remote Chemical Selection Unit and the reliability of our Pressure Washing Equipment alone will increase your profitability of your Mobile or Stationary Power Wash Business. Follow our Preventive Maintenance schedules for your Power Wash Equipment and you will be pressure washing without interruption, Mobile Wash Equipment or Stationary Pressure Washing of Truck Fleets, Buildings, Homes and just all types of Power Wash applications, Use only the best equipment, chemicals, Soaps and Supplies.

Power Wash Equipment is the answer!

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Truck Wash Equipment

We will offer a wide range of truck washing equipment from a basic pressure washer to an automated truck wash system. Truck washing presents many special conditions that must be addressed to properly clean vehicles. Size, shape and degree & type of debris to be removed are the most challenging within the fleet washing industry. We manage this by offering different types and styles of truck wash equipment and specialty truck wash equipment to over come these situations and fulfill your unique needs in truck washing.

Pressure Washer

Requirements vary greatly depending on the need. Sometimes, but rarely, just an off the shelf pressure washer will handle your cleaning jobs at hand. However, in most instances with some simple attachments, changes and or modifications, you could have the exact pressure washer setup that will save you in labor and chemical expense. That is why we will build and or modify the pressure washer YOU need!

Mobile Wash Equipment

You may select a mobile wash system as basic as a pressure washer all the way to an automated remote controlled unit with all the features and benefits available on the most sophisticated mobile wash system. We will design and build any variation, requirement, and idea you may desire. We specialize on solving YOUR specific mobile washing needs. From the independent contractor to the large fleet, commercial or industrial application... WE HAVE JUST WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING TO ACQUIRE!

Power Wash Equipment

Is made up of pressure washing components and can be any type of equipment from a basic pressure washer to a mobile wash system to a fully automated cleaning system. Power wash is a term used by some to describe a method of cleaning using water under pressure.

Remote Control Switching Unit

Is an automated device we have developed to save you time and material, which equates to big savings in DOLLARS. We developed the first remote unit in the late 60's which was very cumbersome, at the time, but was still a big time and material saver. In the early 70's we developed a radio controlled unit that was really a awesome unit, using, at the time, the latest technology. The radio controlled unit, in concept was really kool, but looking back it was a real joke. Today's unit as awesome as it is I'm sure one day we will look back and laugh at it as well.

Business Opportunity

Because of our wide range of equipment we can put together just the right machine to wash truck fleets, commercial buildings, industrial applications, residential homes and mobile homes or all of the before mentioned. We offer training not only on the equipment, also on how to market your services and offer support such as estimating and bidding jobs, flyers and brochures, accounts payable and receivable, and sometimes just that small encouragement or bit of guidance that you will need. If you want to start a stationary truck wash or a full operational mobile wash business check us out.

Parts and Supplies

We offer support for the equipment we sell as well as many other units. You need something not on this site just e-mail us with the part number, description and any relevant information you can obtain, we'll find what you need. I promise.

Cleaning Compounds / Chemicals & Soaps

We will offer the best and most cost effective cleaners available. We have, will get or have blended the chemical you need at the price you can afford. Look to us for the supplies you use and the chemical that works.

Specialty Equipment

Is how we developed much of our equipment inventory. There was a need, we filled it. There was a problem, we solved it. Mostly we envision and then fulfill. If you need it we got it, will build it or develop it then build it.


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